I have often used this message to state the statistics on child abuse.  As disturbing as they are, statistics are numbers.  Numbers do not have a face, they do not show the bruises, the broken bones, the broken spirit, and worse, the deeply buried fear and terror that resides within their consciousness.  Some children die a terrifying death.  Some unable to heal the horrifying physical and psychological effects of abuse commit suicide rather than continue a life of pain and heartbreak.  Many survivors experience failed relationships, marriages, businesses, financial problems, addictions and loneliness.  Many survivors of abuse are unable to express the pain they are experiencing and are emotionally unable to begin the process of healing, or do not know where to get the qualified professional support required to heal the effects of abuse.

I experienced physical abuse as an infant and sexual abuse as an adolescent.  The result of these experiences caused shame and guilt to occupy my mind.  Too painful to bear as a child, they became buried very deep in my subconscious mind.  Although buried, they leaked out in the most inappropriate times and ways. 

I created Resilient People so that those of us who have experienced abuse in any of its forms will know that we are Resilient People created by a Divine Presence.  We can choose to live a fully productive loving life, unburdened by the effects of abuse.  I have accomplished this with the assistance and guidance from many loving people and caring organizations. I now live a joyful productive life unburdened by the physical and sexual abuse I experienced as a child.

I leave you with a quote from Wentworth Miller, “Let me be to someone else what no one was to me.” 


Rick Huttner  



You are a loving and Resilient being.

Our mission is to provide a safe and confidential place where people who were abused as children receive healing information that family or friends may not want to acknowledge or provide.