"You would never know from the self-assured, demonstrative Rick Huttner you meet what all he has been through. His nightmarish childhood experiences of abuse, and the sense of personal disgrace he carried into adulthood, are every day being transformed into a bright and happy life for him, and real help for his listeners. Rick's healing has come through much inner work, the assistance of mentors, and most especially prayer. He has connected with that divine spark within him that has never suffered or gone unloved, and it is this that he draws forward in his audience, for the betterment of all. If there is anyone at all in your circle with a background of abuse, neglect, or self-condemnation, anyone who when young was snared in adult depravity, only to go forward with an obliterated self-image, that person will not only benefit from Rick's message and the specific tools for change he offers, but quite likely emerge feeling reborn."

Jesse Jennings
Senior Minister/Author
Creative Live Church

"The Journey to Healing and Love: Getting Beyond Abuse" is one of the most powerful presentations of trauma and healing I have ever experienced. Rick Huttner draws the listener into his story as he describes a childhood of abuse and the hope that comes with faith and recovery. If you have the opportunity to hear Rick speak, do it; you'll be better equipped to deal with your own trauma or support those you care about. 

YouTube link:
https://youtu.be/EBNvhy w1N0

Matthew S. Stanford, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Hope & Healing Center and Institute

I want to follow-up on Rick’s presentation.  My friend who shares similar childhood trauma was incredibly touched and even healed in subtle ways.  All the 12-step work she had done, took on a new enthusiasm and she began to get it that God does care about her.  She has stopped isolating. Her faith has exploded, as well as her gratitude and daily approach to life. A vital relationship has been healed.  GOD BLESS YOU RICK!!!

Drue Boyles

Rick has a powerful testimony of someone who was emotionally damaged as a child, but didn't know the root cause of his troubles until later in life. Rick tenaciously pursued healthy solutions to life's "curve balls," and after years of spiritual and psychological issues, real encouragement and practical solutions to overcome being a victim. Rick shows us how God has been good to him and how his goodness is available to all of us. 

Tad May

Rick Huttner brings compassion, understanding and insight to the deeply emotional topic of abuse. Thank you, Rick, for providing a safe space for healing. 

Cindy Cline
Life Mastery Coach and Consultant
Unity of Houston

I personally endorse Rick Huttner as a wonderful mentor, speaker and friend.  I personally benefited from Rick’s amazing insights and teachings over the years I have known him.  I have experienced life enhancing shifts in my own personal life after gaining a different perspective from Rick.

Chance Taureau
Certified Leader and Leader Trainer
Mankind Project