Rick huttner | Founder and President of Resilient people

Rick's personal experiences have called him to speak on abuse and healing. He understands the horror abuse perpetrates on the mind of a child and how without professional and proper assistance, it can drag through our adult life in painful, damaging ways. Rick's speaking engagements are designed to guide adults through the healing process so they know they did nothing wrong as children and they are resilient people. 

He is also a business consultant specializing in guiding executives through significant and challenging business transitions. Mr. Huttner has 30 years' experience working with emerging companies. He is a graduate of the New York University School of Commerce and a former CPA. 



chance taureau | Vice-President and Treasurer

Chance Taureau's private practice as well as other organizations he serves have the mission to assist individuals find deeper, clearer understanding of themselves and their choices. This lays the foundation needed to make small, sustainable changes that last a lifetime and improve the quality of life, health and relationships. He has worked with thousands of individuals from diverse ranges of backgrounds towards results driven change. Chance is also a certified leader with Mankind Project International which is committed to healing the planet one man, one husband and one father at a time. 

His other passions include teaching intercultural literacy, peace building, and developing programs and serving organizations for Armed Service Veterans with the great hope of helping them integrate back into society and share their gifts, beauty and brilliance with their communities. 


Dr. Rosana Scearce | SECRETARY

Dr. Rosana Scearce has been involved in the fields of psychology and recovery since 1985. A graduate of Auburn University, she has dedicated her career to the improvement of the emotional lives of children and adults. Early in her career she realized sexual, emotional and verbal abuse were the majority causes of terrific problems that people sustained from childhood to adulthood, causing havoc in their work, their marriages, their friendships and their perception of themselves. Armed with extensive education, training and private practice experience, Dr. Scearce has made a significant difference in the way emotionally wounded people can recover from their trauma and become the resilient individuals they were meant to be. Dr. Scearce is a recognized lecturer, author and innovator in the field of human behavior.